Its that time of year again!  TekDive USA is just around the corner.  Starting April 22nd, divers from all around the world will be joining together in Miami to talk diving!  Technical diving, rebreather diving, women and technical diving, cave diving, wreck diving; you name it, TEKDIVE USA has got it!


TEKDIVE USA is a two-day conference located in Miami, Florida.  Many national and international companies and speakers will be attending the show to share their stories and show off whats new and hot in the technical diving market!

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Many exhibits will be attending the show, including Horizon Divers!  Horizon Divers offers diving for our customers all around the board; from shallow reef diving and snorkeling to deep technical rebreather dives.  Horizon Divers is excited to support this great conference only two years in the making!  This show is an opportunity to learn about things you may never have heard about before!  You don’t need to be a technical diver to attend the show.  In fact, certified divers of any level are welcomed!  If you’re worried; don’t be!  You can always find your Horizon Divers family at booth #116!

There will be 51 speakers presenting on many different topics including but not limited to; alpine cave diving, WWII wrecks of the Gulf of Finland, the History of Technical Diving, molecular medicine and diving, etc.  So check out thier website at tekdiveusa.com to see what presentations you might be interested in!

When: April 22-24, 2016

Where: Kovens Conference Center


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