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Remember to Respect Marine Life During Your Dive

As a diver, there are few things more exciting than having the opportunity to interact closely with the colorful and curious marine life that inhabits our oceans. Coming face to face with aquatic wildlife can be a thrilling and humbling experience, but it’s important to remember that we are just visitors in these creatures’ homes…. Read more »

Keep Your Scuba Skills Sharp With a Refresher Course

Becoming an expert scuba diver takes many years, and dozens of dives. Once mastered, diving is a skill like no other, allowing humans to explore the beauty of the world’s oceans and lakes from a truly unique perspective. It’s why we fell in love with scuba diving, and maybe why you did, too. But like… Read more »

Open Water Diver Certification!

Open Water Diver Certification! Tips to taking the plunge into the underwater world! Tip 1: Determine whether you like scuba diving or not. Have you ever tried scuba diving? If not, consider taking a Discover Scuba course with your local dive center.  The course is designed to give people an opportunity to “try” diving before they commit… Read more »

What is Sidemount Diving?

What is Sidemount Diving? Have you ever considered alternative ways to carry your scuba tank underwater? Tanks on your back is NOT a requirement for exploring the underwater world! Crazy huh?! What is it? Well, it’s just like it sounds; you mount your tanks on your side instead of your back; sidemount! Voila! Sidemount diving… Read more »