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Underwater Adventures Await in Key Largo Florida with Horizon Divers

There’s a completely new world waiting under the turquoise blue, and Horizon Divers wants to explore it with you on our Key Largo Florida Scuba Diving Training & Tours! We bring underwater adventure to every person and every skill level. Whether you have dived before and wish to expand your underwater horizons, or you are a first-timer ready to jump into the water, our scuba diving training and tours bring underwater adventure to every person and skill level.

Horizon Divers is a close-knit, customer-oriented, and highly-trained group of instructors who have been with the company since its beginnings in 2000. We are enthusiastic about introducing new, passionate divers to this amazing oceanic world. Key Largo FL is a fantastic location to start or continue developing your diving abilities, and Florida Bay offers over 100 regular dive locations filled with gorgeous, colorful fish, coral castles, and sunken ships ready for exploration. 

Scuba or Snorkel Charters

Scuba equipment allows you to safely explore the eco-system of mysteries under the ocean. If you have snorkeled before in a tropical location, then you have gotten a glimpse. But even this only reveals a small snippet of ocean life and its habitats. Horizon Divers will give you an introductory course in scuba diving, teaching you how to use the equipment correctly and head under the water. Our guides and instructors will swim with you along the way, pointing out the aquatic animals, plants and corals that call Key Largo home, while making sure you are safe. Introductory dives and scuba tours are great for people who have never dived before but are strong or intermediate swimmers, or for those who want a refresher course.

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Recreational Diving

When you are diving, you are heading underneath the water and surviving using the compressed air tanks on your back. This means that even recreational divers are using sophisticated equipment that is keeping them alive! While the mechanisms behind this equipment are advanced, using it is not too difficult. Virtually anyone can be trained to properly use diving equipment. Horizon Divers know that everyone learns at their own pace and sometimes the slowest learners are the best divers, and so we take our time with instruction.

We will work to show you the ropes of scuba diving at a steady pace, explaining each instrument, how to read it, what each indication means and what to do in every situation. We at Horizon Divers will teach you how to read your equipment oxygen levels, including your depth gauges and pressure gauges, and we make sure you know how these will affect how long it takes to get to the surface. We remain with you every step of the way to ensure the safety of you and your party. 

When it is time to take your first dive, we will introduce you slowly and work carefully so you are confident in using your equipment. Recreational divers can be trained to go as deep as 130 feet, so you will witness a world much deeper than what a snorkeler, swimmer or a free diver will see. Recreational diving will give you access to hidden caves, fascinating corals, shy fish and sunken shipwrecks. If you have always wondered about scuba diving or you have considered learning before, now is the time! The perk is that once you are trained and certified to use scuba equipment, you can take this certification anywhere you go, all around the world.

Technical Diving

Technical diving and diving instructor certification is the most advanced diving training that we offer on our Key Largo Florida Scuba Diving Training & Tours. If you love diving and you want to turn this interesting hobby into a career, you can become a technical diver or a diving instructor. This specialized training will allow you to dive up to 350 feet or deeper. At this stage, you will need to learn about advanced swimming techniques, how to use specialized equipment, and how to prevent decompression sickness. 

Instructor Training  Through our diving instructor classes, you will learn the most advanced diving techniques and you will learn how to train others.

Public Safety Diving  Will open up new doors of career opportunity. You may be a forensic diver and work for police or investigative agencies to uncover evidence; a structural diver investigating the integrity of underwater structures; a search and rescue diver; or specialize in another aspect of diving.

We always love speaking with our divers about their questions. Call Horizon Divers today at (800) 984-3483 to learn more about our Key Largo Florida Scuba Diving Training & Tours, PADI or SDI recreational diving certification and TDI or IANTD technical diving training or…

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