Horizon Divers - Home of Florida's Scuba Diving Adventure

With more than a decade under the waves, Horizon Divers offers a variety of underwater activities including diving, snorkeling and training classes. No matter your skill level, ability, or sense of adventure, Horizon Divers has the thrill and excitement you’re looking for in a dive.

The Horizon Divers team is made up of experts who will guide you through a fun and safe dive around the shallow reefs of Key Largo. Guests stay underwater for a full hour and experience the beautiful and fascinating world of the Key Largo reefs. Horizon Divers guides love to make guest feel like part of the family and give them a tour to remember. Every diver is treated in the professional and friendly manner that makes Horizon Divers tours so enjoyable.

While the crew is easy going and the divers are always fun, Horizon Divers places a high priority on safe diving. Divers can feel safe knowing that Horizon Divers is PADI and TDI certified. Freshwater rinse stations, gear rentals, and personal storage are provided. Divers are able to film and photograph the beautiful Key Largo underwater scenery.

To schedule Key Largo Florida Diving & Scuba Diving for your group of three or more, contact Horizon Divers today!