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Horizon Divers started in 2000, and I have owned it since March of 2005. We are different because we still employ many of the same crew/employees for years versus a lot of turnover. We teach all aspects of diving, from recreational diving to technical diving, including rebreathers as well as Instructor Training courses.

Discover the treasures hidden underneath the ocean waters with our Key Largo, Florida, SCUBA diving training and tours. Horizon Divers takes new and experienced divers underneath the waves and brings you to the corners of the Keys that so many will never get to experience. From snorkeling to SCUBA diving and even instructor training, we work with individuals, couples and families at all levels of experience and show you the wonders waiting underneath the water. There is so much to see and discover, and so much you can learn through snorkeling and SCUBA diving. Our experienced divers will take you on beautiful snorkeling tours through the ocean and teach you how to SCUBA safely, so you can delve even further into the many mysteries hidden in the Keys.

Horizon Divers has been Key Largo’s trusted snorkeling and SCUBA diving source since 2000, both for residents and tourists alike. If you have always wanted to try snorkeling or learn how to SCUBA dive, there is no better time than now and no better place than Key Largo. Underneath the warm bay waters there are rich habitats, complex ecosystems and biodiversity that will amaze you. Schools of vibrant fish, castles and kingdoms of hundred-year-old coral, and even sunken ghost ships are all waiting to be discovered. You’ll see amazing fish you’ve heard about and seen in pictures, swimming in real life before your eyes, and you’ll see creatures you never knew existed. Nestled between the islands, sheltered by warm waters and filled with labyrinthine caves, tunnels and sunken ships, Key Largo is a breeding ground for millions of exotic plants and animals, many of which are seen in few places anywhere else in the world.

Every time you SCUBA or snorkel, you’ll discover a new adventure. If this is your first time jumping into the water and looking underneath, you will be stunned at what you will find. Your experienced and courteous guide will take you to the most beautiful underwater reefs and hiding places for exotic species, while making sure you are completely safe. If you are ready to SCUBA, our divers will provide you with all the instruction you need to become a certified SCUBA diver yourself. With decades of experience earned under the water, we are trained to calmly handle any situation that could arise, and we will instruct you how to do the same. We are proud to have the same team of divers we started Horizon Divers with, and we are always happy to welcome new snorkeling adventurers and new SCUBA divers into our aquatic family.

Under the water there is a world upon itself that, to the untrained eye, will look like an alien planet. Strange and beautiful creatures inhabit the world and, if you are ready to dive in and see it all, SCUBA diving is the best way to see it. SCUBA diving allows you to go deep under the water and even explore caves and shipwrecks, using air tanks and equipment you carry with you. It is important to learn how to safely and effectively use SCUBA equipment before doing any diving, and learn how to handle any situation that may arise. Since you are deep under the water, your life is at stake! That is why it is essential to be fully trained and certified before using SCUBA equipment. Our divers offer recreational and technical diving training courses from start to finish, so you can learn how to safely SCUBA. Once you are trained, there are virtually no limits on where you can go. Your SCUBA certification is good anywhere, so you can take your skills with you across Florida and the Keys, and even go back home to SCUBA.

If you are already an experienced diver, you love SCUBA and you want to turn your love of the water into a career, we also teach technical diving instruction and instructor courses, so you can teach others. Technical diving is more advanced than recreational diving, and may include much greater depths than recreational divers would go to, and completing tasks that recreational divers would not. Technical diving uses additional equipment and more complex gas mixtures to accommodate the depths and additional movements. While recreational divers are not trained to exceed depths greater than 130 feet, technical divers are trained to dive as deep as 350 feet or deeper. This also requires training in decompression. Technical diving includes lessons on decompression, mixed-gas diving, decompression sickness and other equipment and challenges that deep divers face. Recreational divers are not exposed to these risks and do not have to undergo this type of training.

If you are a first time snorkeler or SCUBA diver, or if this is your first visit to the Keys, take a look at the gallery to see a few of the many sights waiting for you. Learn more about snorkeling, recreational diving or technical diving and give us a call to set up a tour or begin lessons.

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